Sustainable Travel

Nordic walking on Love path from one Serlachius Museum to the other.

Sustainable Travel Path

Serlachius Museums are working on the environmental program ISO14001. We take also part in the Sustainable Travel Finland program by Visit Finland. The aim is to be sustainable in ecological, cultural and economical way.

Serlachius bus runs on the days that the museums are open.


We want to be reachable for everyone! Serlachius shuttle bus takes you from Tampere to Mänttä and back in one day. The bus runs according to the museums’ opening hours and the timetable matches with the train and bus connections from/to Helsinki. You may also travel by train all the way to Vilppula (6 km from Serlachius Museum Gösta).

Recharge your car and yourself in the midst of art and nature! The charging station for electric cars is found at the museum’s parking area.


Why not enjoying the beautiful Lakeland sceneries while cycling towards the Art Town Mänttä and Serlachius Museums! There are many good trails with interesting stop byes and places to include in your itinerary, starting from Tampere.

Check out the cycle trails from Näsi Lake Trail
Mänttä and Serlachius are in the Tales & History -part.

During your museum visit, you can also loan museum bikes, rowing boats (summertime) and Nordic walking poles.

Sustainable Culture Trip — By Train and Bike

Explore wonderful cultural sights in the southern Finland in a sustainable way. Start your journey for example from Helsinki and continue all the way to the Art Town Mänttä and Serlachius Museums. Enjoy beautiful sceneries, amazing culture and good food with a good conscience.

Sustainable Travel Tips in Finland

Find out important sustainable tips while traveling in Finland!