Current exhibitions

Clare Woods, The language of the body is yet to be explored (detail), 2017, porcelain, Corian and adhesive, private owner.


Porcelain sculptures of Rachel Kneebone

Art Museum Gösta

14 May 2022 — 09 October 2022

Clare Woods, The English Smile, 2021.

Between Before and After

Clare Woods’ paintings

Art Museum Gösta

26 March 2022 — 05 March 2023

Andy Freeberg, Marlborough, Art Basel Artist: Ad Reinhard from the series Art Fare, 2009–2011.

Where Art Thou?

Works by American photographer Andy Freeberg

Art Museum Gösta

26 March 2022 — 04 September 2022

Trish Morrissey, Self-portrait with snail, 2020 © Trish Morrissey

Trish Morrissey: Autofictions

Twenty years of photography and film

Museum Gustaf

5 February 2022 — 08 January 2023

Behind the Pulp Gate

Work and stories from Mänttä pulp mill

Museum Gustaf

29 February 2020 —

Albert Edelfelt, Kööpenhaminan ankkuripaikalta III, 1890, öljyväri kankaalle, Gösta Serlachiuksen taidesäätiö. Kuva: Tomi Aho

Classic Works of Fine Art at the Manor

Updated collection hanging

Art Museum Gösta

6 April 2019 —

Apteekkarin kauppahuone | Apotekarens handelshus | Apotheckary's Trade House

Apothecary’s Trade House

Experience history – hands-on

Museum Gustaf

16 November 2013 —

Paper Devil

The life and business affairs of G. A. Serlachius

Museum Gustaf

11 May 2013 —