Fade Cut

Devan Shimoyama's barber shop installation

Serlachius Manor 23 March — 18 August 2024

US artist Devan Shimoyama (b. 1989) explores themes of sexuality, race and gender in his carnivalesque works. He refects on queer identity, appending to it references from mythology and art history.

In terms of technique, the works are playful: the artist combines in his paintings different materials, such as glitter, fabric and rhinestones, and also creates monumental installations. The works are highly personal and have an intense emotional charge.

Making his Nordic debut, Shimoyama brings to Serlachius his installation, which has been highly acclaimed in the USA. Fade Cut presents us with an imaginary barber shop where different people are invited to express themselves freely. The exhibition is curated by Laura Kuurne and Pauli Sivonen.

Devan Shimoyama
Devan Shimoyama

Devan Shimoyama

Devan Shimoyama is an American artist living and working in Pittsburgh. His works have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions across the United States and Europe, as well as at leading art fairs. 

Shimoyama graduated with a Master of Arts degree from Yale University in 2011. From 2015 until recently, he has worked as an assistant professor at Carnegie Mello University. 

In Shimoyama’s carnivalistic works childhood experiences, introspection, drag queen culture, mythologies and influences from art history blend together. The artist’s works are playful in their techniques. He combines different materials such as glitter, fabric and rhinestones with his paintings, drawings and sculptures. He also makes large-scale installations. 

Shimoyama’s barber installation at Serlachius was most recently exhibited at CulturalDC in Washington, D.C. The artist has transformed the hypermasculine African-American barber shop into an imaginary queer fantasy where diverse people are welcome to express themselves freely. 

Selected solo and group exhibitions: 

CulturalDC, Washington DC, United States 2023
CAC Málaga, Spain 2023
Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art, South Africa 2022–2023
Museum of Arts and Design, New York, United States 2022
Kunstpalais Erlangen, Germany 2021
Schlossmuseum on Linz, Austria 2020–2021
Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh United States 2018–2019

Image of the artwork at top of the page: Devan Shimoyama, Stay Still, 2023, oil paint, colored pencil, vinyl, rhinestones (detail). Courtesy of the artist and Kavi Gupta. Photo: Ryan Maxwell.