Thank-you Letters

A chain of letters and an exhibition on works having left a permanent impact

Serlachius Headquarters 15.6.2024—16.2.2025

Works of art sometimes have such a powerful impact on the viewer that the experience leaves a lasting impression. A work can change our thinking, the way we see, experience and structure the world. A work can set something in motion or stay alive within us. 

Thank-you Letters is a group exhibition that gives visual artists and other professionals working in the visual arts the opportunity to highlight an individual artist and their work and to thank them.

Thank-you letters create a meandering, multi-faceted chain in which good words are passed on from one author to the next. The public can enter into the artists’ dialogue, the connection between art and its networks. The curators of the exhibition are Tarja Väätänen and Elina Brotherus.

The image above: Anne Koskinen, Arsenia (Foundling) 2019 and Guardian XVI, 2019, natural stone. Kuva: Jussi Tiainen, Galerie Anhava.