Far out art with a historic heart!

Far out art with a historic heart!

Far out art with a historic heart!

Far out art with a historic heart!

Far out art with a historic heart!

Far out art with a historic heart!

Far out art with a historic heart!

Welcome to Serlachius!

In Mänttä, Serlachius offer a meeting place for art and stories, and people who value their high-quality. Two museums, in Joenniemi Manor and in the former Headquarters of the Serlachius Company, show works from Serlachius’ substantial art collection and temporary exhibitions of contemporary art. The story of the family of paper barons and Finnish paper industry is ever intriguing! 

Serlachius is a sustainable cultural attraction amid most beautiful Finnish lakeside nature. Beside art, history and architecture our guests enjoy culinary and sauna experiences as well as heartfelt service – year round.

How to reach us?

Hop on the Serlachius Art Express in Tampere and come directly to Serlachius Museums! Find out also other ways to arrive.

Book Your Ticket

Book museum ticket, ticket for public sauna day and restaurant services in advance. See also our day trips and other tours.

Art sauna

Our awarded Art Sauna is an excellent venue for organising meetings and various private events. Public sauna days on Tuesdays.

Serlachius Headquarters renovated

Experience from 15 June the permanent exhibition Patrons telling the history of Mänttä ja the Serlachius family as well as Riiko Sakkinen’s Los moimoi de Fuengirola and exhibition Thank-you Letters.

Restaurant Gösta

Welcome to enjoy restaurant’s tastes of the season!


Man Ray (Emmanuel Radnitzky), Noire et blanche, 1926 (1980), photograph, new print. Courtesy Gio´ Marconi, Milano.


Multiple Identities from Antiquity to Contemporary Art

Serlachius Manor

11 May 2024 — 15 September 2024

A view of the ROR ABC exhibition. Photo: Serlachius, Sampo Linkoneva


Revolutions On Request

Serlachius Manor

23 March 2024 — 23 March 2025

Fade Cut

Devan Shimoyama’s barber shop installation

Serlachius Manor

23 March 2024 — 18 August 2024

Classic Works of Fine Art at the Manor

Updated collection hanging

Serlachius Manor

6 April 2019 —

Kuvanveistäjä Hannes Autere ja vuorineuvos Gösta Serlachius Huhkojärvellä. Serlachius-museoiden kuva-arkisto.


The story behind the Serlachius Art Collection

Serlachius Headquarters

15 June 2024 —

Riiko Sakkinen, Los momoi de Fuengirola, detail of the installation, 2023–2024. Photo: Israel Galán

Los moimoi de Fuengirola

Exhibition and research project on the Finnish identity

Serlachius Headquarters

15 June 2024 — 16 February 2025

Thank-you Letters

A chain of letters and an exhibition on works having left a permanent impact

Serlachius Headquarters

15 June 2024 — 16 February 2025

Oneself As Another

Works from the Gösta Serlachius Fine Arts Foundation’s collection

Virtual exhibition space

10 August 2022 —

Exhibitions 2024

Serlachius Museums exhibitions 2024: nothing ordinary!

New Publication!

Presenting the philosophy and architecture behind Serlachius Art Sauna, a new publication connects it to Finnish sauna culture.

Sculpture park at Museum Gösta

Get acquainted with the works of Gösta’s sculpture park. See short presentations on selected art pieces.

Pearl of the month

The pearl of the month for July presents Viljo Hurme’s work Ploughing and correspondence between Gösta Serlachius and artist Hurme referring to plans to collaborate more closely.

Museum shop

Select and order Serlachius publications at publisher’s web shop.

Serlachius Channel

See interviews, introductions to exhibitions and check out the atmosphere at Serlachius!


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