Far out art with a historic heart!

Far out art with a historic heart!

What is Serlachius?

The Serlachius Museums offer a meeting place for art and stories, and people who value their high-quality. There are two Serlachius Museums: Art Museum Gösta as well as Museum Gustaf, which tells the stories of history. Our heart and soul consist of art, architecture, history, excellent food, magnificent lakeside nature and hearty service.  Welcome!


Art Sauna

Next summer, on the shore of Serlachius Museum Gösta will open Art Sauna in which architecture, nature and art are merged with sauna experience.

Art Menu

Book Art Menu beforehand and relax enjoying the pristine flavours and the magnificent environment.

Serlachius shuttle bus

Serlachius shuttle bus runs between Tampere and Mänttä on the opening days of the Serlachius Museums.

Restaurant serves

Welcome to enjoy Restaurant Gösta’s tastes of the season!


Clare Woods, The language of the body is yet to be explored (detail), 2017, porcelain, Corian and adhesive, private owner.


Porcelain sculptures of Rachel Kneebone

Art Museum Gösta

14 May 2022 — 09 October 2022

Clare Woods, The English Smile, 2021.

Between Before and After

Clare Woods’ paintings

Art Museum Gösta

26 March 2022 — 05 March 2023

Andy Freeberg, Marlborough, Art Basel Artist: Ad Reinhard from the series Art Fare, 2009–2011.

Where Art Thou?

Works by American photographer Andy Freeberg

Art Museum Gösta

26 March 2022 — 04 September 2022

Trish Morrissey, Self-portrait with snail, 2020 © Trish Morrissey

Trish Morrissey: Autofictions

Twenty years of photography and film

Museum Gustaf

5 February 2022 — 08 January 2023

Behind the Pulp Gate

Work and stories from Mänttä pulp mill

Museum Gustaf

29 February 2020 —

Albert Edelfelt, Kööpenhaminan ankkuripaikalta III, 1890, öljyväri kankaalle, Gösta Serlachiuksen taidesäätiö. Kuva: Tomi Aho

Classic Works of Fine Art at the Manor

Updated collection hanging

Art Museum Gösta

6 April 2019 —

Apteekkarin kauppahuone | Apotekarens handelshus | Apotheckary's Trade House

Apothecary’s Trade House

Experience history – hands-on

Museum Gustaf

16 November 2013 —

Paper Devil

The life and business affairs of G. A. Serlachius

Museum Gustaf

11 May 2013 —


Rachel Kneebone’s enigmatic porcelain sculptures at Serlachius Museum Gösta 14 May–9 Oct 2022

Between before and After

In Clare Woods paintings, the delicate boundary between illness and health, cruelty and humanity, and ultimately life and death is present.

Where Art Thou?

Andy Freeberg’s solo-exhibition at Serlachius Museums is a retrospective of a series of works surveying the art world.

Trish Morrissey: Autofictions

Twenty years of photography and film. Serlachius Museum Gustaf from 5 February 2022 to 8 January 2023.

Artworks on the web

Browse selected art pieces from Serlachius Collection at the site Taide.art.

Serlachius’ sound stories

Sound stories provide interesting background information on the history of the Serlachius Museums, the mill owner family, architecture and a selection of artworks as well as current exhibitions.

Anselm Kiefer’s artwork on show

The exhibition Classic Works of Fine Art at the Manor shows Anselm Kiefer’s artwork Väinämöinen Ilmarinen, which was acquired by Gösta Serlachius Fine Arts Foundation in 2019.

Sustainability at Our Museums

Responsibility of the environment is a matter of the heart for Serlachius Museums. We have been awarded ISO 14001 environmental certificate and Sustainable Travel Finland label by Visit Finland.


Book Your Ticket

We recommend you to book museum ticket, restaurant services and shuttle bus in advance.

Amazing Art Trip

Spend a wonderful day at Serlachius including transfer from Tampere, guided tours and a delicious meal.

Serlachius Bus

The shuttle bus runs from Tampere to Mänttä and back from Tuesday to Sunday in wintertime.

11 reasons to Visit Serlachius

Joel Willians from Very Finnish Problems tells his favorite places in Mänttä.


A legend of Finnish paper industry

Mill owner G. A. Serlachius built a paper empire in Mänttä in spite of the crises and setbacks in his life.

Pearl of the Month

Pearl of the month in May is a perspective drawing of Mänttä Pekilo Mill which was completed in 1982.

Maiden of Finland

The first version of the Maiden of Finland made by Wäinö Aaltonen in 1925 is comprised in the Serlachius Collection.

Awarded architecture

Completed in 2014, the Pavilion, the extension of the Museum Gösta, has been awarded several times in Finland and abroad.

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