The story behind the Serlachius Art Collection

Serlachius Headquarters 15.6.2024—

Behind the Serlachius art collection is a fascinating story that intertwines art, history, architecture, forest and Finnishness.

The industrialists of Mänttä and the residents of the forest industry community founded by them built their small hometown into a national and international centre. As patrons of the arts, the Serlachiuses supported artists and established in Mänttä a unique art collection. 

The exhibition tells the story behind the Mänttä art collection: how the forest industry gave birth to an important cultural destination that is now visited by tens of thousands of art lovers every year and is a strong source of identity for many Mänttä residents.

The exhibition also explores the history of patronage more generally, from the Medici to the Rockefellers, and includes a separate experience and workshop area for children and the childlike who are interested in forests. The curator of the exhibition is Pauli Sivonen.

Image: Sculptor Hannes Autere and Gösta Serlachius at Huhkojärvi estate. Photo: Serlachius-museoiden kuva-arkisto.