Museums and collections

Serlachius Museums

Serlachius Museums offer unique cultural experiences in art, architecture and history amid magnificent nature and cultural-historically significant environment.

Fine Arts Foundation

Gösta Serlachius Fine Arts Foundation maintains the Serlachius Museums. It was established in 1933 to care and maintain the art collection gathered by Gösta Serlachius.


Fine Arts Foundation’s collections comprise alongside the art collection also comprehensive cultural-historical object and archival collections.


Serlachius Museums publish books actively. Beside exhibition catalogues and collection publications, the museums publish books related to history.

Online publications

Acquaint yourself online with the Serlachius Collection. Besides the art collection you have access to information on other items, as well.

Pearl of the Month

Pearls from the Serlachius Collections: a presentation portraying an artwork, drawing, document, photograph or object is published here every month. All the pearls of the month published so far are listed here.