Online publications

Online publications

Serlachius Museums’ online publications give access to a selection of artworks from Fine Arts Foundation’s collections and archival materials. We present through different publications the pearls of the art collection as well as jewelry art of Eric O. W. Ehrström. The images of the scale models inform of the history of the Serlachius Company.

Art collections

Acquaint yourself with some selected items from the Serlachius Art Collection.

Jewellery box

Artist Eric O. W. Ehrström’s jewellery and sketches and designs of jewellery.

Pearl of the month

Every month an alternating artwork, archival item or an object is highlighted from the Serlachius collection.

Mänttä evolves

The Serlachius company’s construction operations on the isthmus on Mäntänkoski rapids 1873–1986.