Convention Services

Serlachius‘ convention services offer our customers both modern and historical spaces which satisfy different needs. Up-to-date convention technologies, modern AV equipment and good sound systems are at your disposal. And if necessary, a meeting can be divided into smaller units to several spaces enabling group work. You may want to add our guided tours and other program services to your convention package to provide funny or serious activities in between the meeting.

We offer also supplementary program for conferences held in other regions. We can arrange program up to 300 people with divided schedule.

The fantastic Art Sauna on the shore of Serlachius Manor offers a very unique milieu and experience for meetings and celebrations. Ask more from our sales service: or tel. +358 (0)3 488 6801.

Pavilion’s Kivijärvi Hall: 200 seats
Pavilion’s restaurant: 100 seats
Autere cottage: 55 seats
Pedagogical space: 25 seats
Art Sauna’s interior: 24 seats
Manor’s wine parlour: 20 seats

Auditorium: 52 seats (a possibility for 25 extra seats)
Hall: 60 seats
Historic café: 23 seats
Entrance hall: 100 seats (when no tables, outside opening hours)                        

No rent will be collected for the use of facilities (excluding the Art Sauna), if a meeting is organised within museums’ opening hours and it contains restaurant services or program services of the museums. The use of facilities on weekends and outside the opening hours increases the fees, which will be agreed upon separately.

Take your own computer with you or make use of a MacBookPro laptop containing an Internet browser, PowerPoint and Keynote which is also at your disposal. The equipment contains a remote control with a laser pointer. Presentation software include PowerPoint or Keynote presentations. You can deliver your presentation in advance in email or bring along on a USB memory. Other data storage media are not supported. If your presentation has been created in any other software than listed above or contains special fonts, it is advisable to bring your own computer with you.

Kivijärvi Hall in Serlachius Manor
Peda space at Serlachius Museum Gösta
Pedagogic space in Serlachius Manor
Restaurant Gösta
Restaurant Gösta
Autere Cottage beside Serlachius manor
Serlachius Headquarters’ hall
Serlachius Museum Gustaf's entrance hall.
Serlachius Headquarters’ entrance hall
Auditorium in Serlachius Headquarters’
Cafe Gustaf
Historical café in Serlachius Headquarters
Pedagogical space in Serlachius Headquarters
Art Sauna’s meeting room
Art Sauna’s living room
Art Sauna: tables can be ordered as wished


Kokous Serlachius-museoiden taidesaunalla.


Morning coffee is served at the awarded Art Sauna on the shore of Serlachius Manor. A very unique venue and beautiful milieu guarantee an inspirational day!

at 12.00 noon CONVENTION LUNCH
After a short stroll over the yard you can enjoy season’s pristine flavors at Restaurant Gösta.

at 1.00 pm MEETING CONTINUES at the Art Sauna 

at 4.00 pm GUIDED ART TOUR at Serlachius
We are off duty! At first, let’s get acquainted with the dreams of the mill owner Gösta Serlachius and marvel at Serlachius Manor’s awarded extension. The beautiful art works and exciting exhibitions will help to digest the hard work done during the day.

at 5.00 pm CHAMPAGNE AND COCKTAIL BITES at the museum’s wine vault
Historic and atmospheric wine parlour is a magnificent environment to taste some delicacies – with champagne of course!

Now is the time to feel the spirit of Finnish sauna, relax in the smooth hot steam and dip in the Melasjärvi lake.

at 7.30 DINNER at the Art Sauna’s living room
Our kitchen led by chef de cuisine Henry Tikkanen gives the final perfect touch for a successful meeting day! Watch the preparation of your dinner on the open fire and just feel yourself cozy. What a perfect day!

Optional: accommodation, for example at Mänttä Club, Art Hotel Honkahovi or at Rapukartano. 

Got interested? Ask more and book:
tel. +358 03 488 6801 or