Revolutions on Request

Serlachius Museum Gösta 23.3.2024—23.3.2025

Did someone order a revolution? ROR is Back! But what is ROR? How does ROR look, feel, sound? Is it art or circuses?

In 2000, ROR came, saw and conquered the world, until it got lost in its own stardust. Commissioned by the Serlachius Museums, it returns from the future, bringing with it a wonderful alphabet that creates a new ROR world.

The exhibition has been designed and curated by the ROR group: Petri Ala-Maunus, Jiri Geller, Alvar Gullichsen and Ilse Rossander. ROR has also invited artists to participate: Riikka Hyvönen, Juho Juntunen, Nikolo Kerimov, Isto Kotavuopio, Sanna-Mari Liukkonen, Mr. Lordi, Painter Jude, Paula Pääkkönen, Pekko Vasantola, Sheung Yiu and Ro Zahir.