Los Moimoi de Fuengirola

Exhibition and research project on the Finnish identity

Serlachius Museum Gustaf 15.6.2024—16.2.2025

Los Moimoi de Fuengirola is an exhibition and research project in which artist Riiko Sakkinen (b. 1976) explores the Finnish identity.

Fuengirola, on Spain’s Costa del Sol, is home to a community of around 30,000 Finns, whose members do not bother to learn the local language or customs. They live their own semi-isolated lives, spending their time comfortably in Finnish bars and relying on their own Finnish shops, services and institutions. Indeed, the Fuengirola local government has named its municipality “Finland’s southernmost town”. 

The research for the exhibition has been funded by Kone Foundation, and it produces a view of the substance of Finnishness cloaked in an anthropological guise. The curator of the exhibition is Pauli Sivonen.