Tips for Pupil Visits

Here you will find some useful tips for pupil visits. It is advisable to plan your visit together with the personnel of Serlachius. We can choose a theme for your visit and implement the theme in the guided tours, art education and workshop in many different ways. 

The distance between the Serlachius Manor and Serlachius Headquarters is about three kilometres. They carry out different programmes. This should be taken into account while planning the programme. Take a look at our programme beforehand. You can choose one or several from them for your visit.

Choose activities or a film 
All guided tours can contain tasks and activities, and at Serlachiu9s Headquarters also a 30-minute film is available. It tells the Story of Serlachius, which in a vivid way deals with the phases of Finnish paper industry. Our younger guests can find interesting references for their visit in our book called Virginie’s palette.

Reserve enough time
One of our good tips for pupil visits is to reserve enough time for your programme. The guided tours last one hour, but when activities or tasks are included, the time spend can easily extend to two hours. We can organise activities to last two days also in a form of a school camp. Each programme description contains also the required time and rating.

Paying and cancelling
Teacher pays the fees for the group on arrival at our ticket counter. Teacher and leader of the group of children can enter free of charge with the group. We can also bill you, for which we collect a € 5 extra fee. Our general reservation and cancellation terms relate also to reservations made by educational groups. More information behind the link.

Head of Audience Development at your disposal
On matters related to your visit, contact our Head of Audience Development Päivi Nieppola,, +358 50 465 2777. She will give you some useful tips considering your visit.