This Could Go on Forever

Graffiti artist EGS's body of works

Serlachius Manor 24.9.2022—5.3.2023

EGS, one of Finland’s best-known graffiti artists, has been painting since the age of 13. Over the years, the three letters have been drawn at locations ranging from abandoned factories to nuclear submarine ports in 55 countries. EGS’s works combine the geographical and historical dimensions. The This Could Go on Forever body of works tells of three-letter journeys in remote areas of Estonia, created with different materials.

A work executed with spray paint on the wall of an Estonian industrial building is documented, and a three-part glass sculpture based on it has been created in Riihimäki. The finished sculpture, in turn, will be taken on the artist’s next trip to Estonia, and a new painting based on it will be created, which will then be documented, and so on. 

This Could Go on Forever consists of a documentary film depicting the process, photographs of graffiti paintings and the three-part glass sculptures based on them.

Photo: Marko Rantanen


Publication in a newspaper form tells of three-letter journeys in remote areas of Estonia.

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