EGS – This Could Go on Forever

Over the years, the three letters have been drawn at locations ranging from abandoned factories to nuclear submarine ports all over the world. EGS’s works combine the geographical and historical dimensions. The This Could Go on Forever body of works tells of three-letter journeys in remote areas of Estonia, created with different materials.

The publication is a news paper packed in a hardcover folder. It has texts in Finnish, English and Estonian language.

Authors: Tomi Moisio, Pauli Sivonen
Translations: Gerard McAlester (Finnish-English), Else Lagerspetz (Finnish-Estonian)
layout: Viktor Gurov
Publisher: Parvs Publishing Ltd
Printed by: Jelgavas Tipogrãfija, Jelgava 2022
Language: Finnish, English and Estonian
64 pages

ISBN 978-952-7441-16-9
Serlachius Museums Publications 83