Reflection on a Forest

Eija-Liisa Ahtila's multichannel installation

Serlachius Manor 12.10.2024—27.4.2025

Eija-Liisa Ahtila’s (b. 1959) third commissioned work for Serlachius is a multi-image installation in which she continues to call into question the narrative of the moving image and human-centred perspective. Ahtila builds ways of representation and expression that can help create a more balanced understanding of the living reality of the planet.

The radical emergency of the living environment is already affecting our choices, ways of thinking and perception as well as the role of culture and art in society. Reflection on a Forest is based on the common spatial existence of different living things – the life maintained by different species in their own habitat.

The work has both human and non-human performers. The work seeks to depict these life-creating events and takes the diversity of the forest as its starting point.  

Artwork image: Eija-Liisa Ahtila, Reflection on a Forest, 2024, still image from a multichannel installation.