Between Before and After

Clare Woods' paintings

Serlachius Manor 26.3.2022—5.3.2023

British artist Clare Woods (b. 1972) works by painting with bold strokes, utilising intuition. Wood’s style includes flamboyance and beauty, but also formless aesthetics: present is the delicate boundary between illness and health, cruelty and humanity, and ultimately life and death.

In her most recent paintings, Woods has depicted the vulnerability and short-lived nature of life through flowers as well as shapes of the human body. The coronavirus pandemic, which shrank life to within the walls of the home, has also ended up in her works.

The exhibition presents Wood’s production from the last five years and is her first show in Finland. The exhibition is curated by Laura Kuurne.

Involved in cooperation

Artwork image: Clare Woods, English Smile, 2021, oil on aluminium. Courtesy of the artist and Martin Asbæk Gallery.


Clare Woods’ exhibition publication Between before and After on eponymous exhibition on show at Serlachius Manor.


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