Clare Woods: Between Before and After

Originally trained as a sculptor, Woods ( b. 1972) paints flat on a desk, her fluidly sculptural brushwork invoking a tangible sense of gravity. Clare Woods (b. 1972) is a British artist whose evocative oil on aluminium paintings range in scale from small, intimate pieces to vast, immersive works.

Her work is inherently paradoxical: it pleases the eye, yet a flaw or element of discomfort or vulnerability is ever-present. Her paintings are based on photographs she finds in books, newspapers or online. Her latest works portray cropped details from her daily surroundings. Her flowers in vases and views of dimmed rooms invoke the tedium of long hours spent indoors – an experience that has become familiar to everyone during the pandemic.

Marking her Finnish debut, Clare Woods’ solo exhibition at the Serlachius Museums provides an overview of her work from the past five years. The exhibition will be on show until March 2023.

The articles in this book were authored by Anouchka Grose, Laura Kuurne and Pauli Sivonen. The texts are in Finnish and English languages.

Editor: Laura Kuurne
Authors: Anouchka Grose, Laura Kuurne ja Pauli Sivonen (esipuhe)
Layout: Ville Karppanen
Printed by PrintBest, Viljandi, 2022
Publisher: Parvs Publishings Ltd
96 pages

Serlachius-museoiden julkaisuja 80
ISBN 978-952-7441-05-3

Clare Woods -julkaisu