Behind the Pulp Gate

Work and stories from Mänttä pulp mill

Serlachius Museum Gustaf 29.2.2020—19.11.2023

The exterior form of a pulp mill is familiar to many people. But what happens inside a mill? 

The exhibition tells about the manufacture of pulp in Mänttä, in Finland’s last sulphite pulp mill. The interview-based narration highlights the people behind the process diagrams and production figures, approaching the topic from the perspective of everyday life and work. The stories, together with the other collection material, also provide insight into the cultural environment and environmental impacts of the forest industry. The exhibition is curated by Milla Sinivuori-Hakanen.

A teaser for the exhibition

Black hand soap

Read more about the byproduct that the mill manufactured

Pulp mill

Facade drawing from 1913