women enjoying wine at the Serlachius  Art Sauna

The Art Sauna on the shore of Serlachius Museum Gösta offers a unique experience for the lovers of art, design, good food and of course sauna bathing. For Finns sauna means connection to nature and to other people. We want to give that same experience to our guests. The sauna, together with the chosen artworks, leads our minds to connect with nature, history, and ourselves.

Duration: 1 night, 2 days
Season: all year round
Group size: VIPs 1-5 pax, groups 6-24 pax
Example price: from 185 € / person
Included: 1 night stay at ArtHotel Honkahovi
(in twin/double room, private bathroom), breakfast at Mänttä Club, admission to both Serlachius Museums, guided art tour at Serlachius Museum Gösta (1h), the Art Sauna experience (sauna bathing time 2h), sauna host with the group (not inside the steam/shower room), dinner prepared on the open fire in-situ (2h).
Excluded: transfers
Optional: transfer to the hotel with a sauna raft. Dramatized tour at Gustaf Museum. Shuttle bus from Tampere.


Welcome to Serlachius Museum Gösta!
The guided tour at the Art Museum Gösta takes you amid national art treasures, contemporary exhibitions and awarded architecture. Along the tour you hear the intriguing story of the Serlachius family and their journey from nowhere on to the world map!

Independent Tour at the Museum and Park
It’s time to look around by yourself: perhaps a stroll in the beautiful Sculp- ture Park or another look at the exhibitions? The museum shop provides Finnish Design, unique products, and local handicraft.

The Art Sauna is Hot
Finns love sauna! The sauna host will guide you to the secrets of the Finnish sauna culture and praxis. The host will also talk about the amazing archi- tecture and the special artworks of the Art Sauna. Can you guess where the original sauna of the Joenniemi farm workers was located?

You have time to enjoy the smooth, hot steam at the sauna, dip in the lake or the outdoor hot tub. And if wished, purchase some beverages and refreshments along the way.

Abundant Buffet at the Sauna’s Living Room
Experiencing the Finnish sauna makes one hungry! Dinner is waiting for you at the sauna’s cozy living room. Or to be more precise, you can watch the preparation of your dinner on the spot.

Sweet Dreams at ArtHotel Honkahovi
The former residence (1938) of the mill owner R. Erik Serlachius offers a perfect setting for a good night’s sleep. Sweet dreams!

Breakfast at Mänttä Club
The morning starts with a refreshing walk to Mänttä Club, the former banquet house of the paper company G. A. Serlachius Ltd. Delicious breakfast keeps you going!

Visit at Serlachius Museum Gustaf
Digging deeper into the old days continues. The old head office of the paper company (1934) is full of interesting stories, architecture, and art. Perhaps a cup of coffee at the historical café before leaving?

Time for Goodbyes
The wonderful and versatile time in Mänttä is coming to its end. We hope to see you soon again!


Whether you are an art enthusiast or just interested in elegance, stylish atmosphere, beauty of buildings, culinary pleasures or a walking tour along the Love Path – Iconic Serlachius in the Art Town of Mänttä offers you all this in the middle of Finnish Lakeland.

Finland is famous also for its glass design: In addition to Serlachius, the program includes a visit to the Finnish Glass Museum in Riihimäki and a visit to Iittala Design Glass Factory and Iittala Center.

Duration: 1 day
Season: on Fridays all year round
Group size: 2 pax 
Route: Helsinki – Riihimäki – Iittala – Art Town Mänttä & Serlachius – Helsinki
Example price: € 612 / person
Included: private English speaking host / guide and driver whole day, private transfer service Audi A4 or similar car, entrance tickets and guided tour in the Finnish Glass Museum* and Iittala Glass Center, Shopping time in Iittala, Serlachius tickets – Art Museum Gösta and Museum Gustaf, guided in English, Art Menu 3 course lunch at the Restaurant Gösta, Sparkling wine & Finnish Chocolate – private serving 


Driver will meet the client at the hotel’s reception in Helsinki and give information about the route of the day. Departure to Lakeland Region and Art Town Mänttä and Serlachius – on the way visit to see Design Glass:

First stop is in Riihimäki (about 40 min drive). Visit the Finnish Glass Museum in Riihimäki, guided tour. The Finnish Glass Museum is a specialist museum focusing on glass design and the history of glass. The Finnish Glass Museum presents the history of glass dating back over 4,000 years and the 300-year history of Finland’s glass industry. On show in the permanent exhibition of the Finnish Glass Museum are over 2,000 glass items of importance, from old pressed glass to Tapio Wirkkala’s famous Kantarelli vase. The permanent exhibition is worth a visit for everyone who is interested in glass.

The next destination is Iittala (about 35 min drive).The story of Iittala Glass Factory began in 1881 and is continuing even today. You can find Iittala’s glass products almost in every Finnish home. The most famous glass artifact, a vase designed by Alvar Aalto, is still manufactured in Iittala Glass Factory. At the Iittala Glass Museum, which is a part of the national Design Museum, the history of Iittala Glass is on display with works of such great artists as Tapio Wirkkala and Timo Sarpaneva. Welcome to the source of world-famous Finnish glass design! The small red cottage in the Glass Capital hides a sweet surprise since it is actually a chocolate factory where chocolate is handmade using the best possible ingredients. The factory produces elegant chocolate boxes, confectionary, and chocolate blocks, as well as organic raw chocolate. Coffee / tea and chocolate in the Chocolate Cafeteria. The Iittala visit incl. glass factory visit also. 

1 h 40 min drive trough Finnish countryside.
Serlachius Museum Gustaf operates in the glorious former headquarters of the forest combine from year 1934. There you can admire the beauty and functionality of the office building, four floors of exhibitions and you will meet for example the legend of Finnish paper industry, the Paper Devil, himself. Private guided tour 1 h (English, Swedish, German, Russian, Italian).

Serlachius Museum Gösta hosts one of the Nordic countries’ largest private art collections. The heart of it consists of the masters of the Golden Age of Finnish art, but there are also contemporary works in the collection. Gösta has its own international superstars, too, such as Claude Monet’s Haystack in the Evening sun. The art museum consists of two parts: at the old manor you can admire the pearls of Finnish art and at the fabulous modern pavilion stimulating and thought provoking contemporary art exhibitions. Guided tour to both buildings. Private guidance 1 h, (English, Swedish, German, Italian).

At the Restaurant Gösta Art Lunch (3 courses) incl. unique local specialities. Menus and beautiful dishes á la Chef Henry Tikkanen.
Before the trip back to Helsinki at the end of the day, possibility to spend a memorable time and enjoy dinner or tapas (meal excl. the given rate) at the Vuorenmaja Wine Tavern up on the hill in the Art Town Mänttä, former Ski Cottage from 1928. 

Back to Helsinki, driver will take the clients to the hotel in the evening. 

* Price includes taxes.
* Only in January: instead of visiting Finnish Glass Museum, the program incl. Helsinki Design Museum Visit


Finnish Luxury Holiday with Art, Culinary School and Harmonious Nature Experiences

Duration: 1 night, 2 days
Season: all year round
Languages: English, Finnish, Ask for other languages!
Price: from 389 € / person
Included: night at Rapukartano in twin/double room, breakfast, entrance fee to Serlachius Museums, guided art tour (1h), guided island tour (1h) with a drink, culinary school (dinner), dramatized tour with paper workshop (1h), guided walking tour (2h), lunch
Optional: sauna safari

Serlachius – the iconic destination of art, awarded architecture and top cuisine – offers you a haven in the midst of Finnish Lakeland! This two-day package invites you to slow down and enjoy the luxurious elements of Finnish culture and nature:

Come and experience a guided art tour among the masters of Finnish art, take a relaxing and guided stroll on the museum’s island with a hot or refreshing drink.

Learn to cook your own fine dinner with our awarded top chef in Gösta’s Culinary School. The day culminates in the night at the Wilderness Boutique Manor Rapukartano.

The next day you will experience the life in the 1950’s Finland in a fun way and feel the tranquility of Finnish nature at our guided walking tour. The lunch is served you before turning back home invigorated and inspired!


Duration: 3 nights, 4 days 
Route: Helsinki – Mänttä-Vilppula – Helsinki
Season: all year round 
Languages: English, Finnish. Ask for other languages!


DAY 1: Maybe working for the Finnish paper company?

Journey into the woods begins and after a few hour’s drive you will arrive in the physically tiny but mentally enormous Art Town Mänttä and at Serlachius.  
You meet a very special lady who will test whether you’re qualified enough to work for the G. A. Serlachius Paper Company. By the way, it is the year 1951 now.
Lunch at the restaurant which once was an essential part of the paper empire.Yet another possibility to show how handy you are – whittling is the word for today!
After the tests, the forest lords invite you for dinner at their cute, old skiing cottage on the top of ”Mänttä mountain”!
After a busy day, a good night’s sleep at the
Wilderness Boutique Manor Rapukartano.

DAY 2: Perhaps you are the new big name in graphic art or a future top chef?

After breakfast a 20-minute-drive to the amazing Serlachius Art Museum Gösta. Time to admire the wood architecture of Gösta’s pavilion and the exhibitions with all the famous paintings of the Golden Age of Finnish art on a guided tour. Contemporary art may give you some new thoughts.
Enjoy lunch at the rustic Autere Cottage beside the Art Museum. 
Now we will find out whether you are the new talent in the art scene! Don’t be shy, the workshop is waiting for you!
Have a break, take a walk and enjoy the sculpture park or have a drink in the manor’s vault. 
Perhaps cookery is your forte? The evening culminates in the Culinary School held by the awarded Chef de cuisine Henry Tikkanen. Under his delicate guidance, you will prepare a wonderful dinner for yourself. 
Back to the Wilderness Manor for a good night sleep.

DAY 3. Contract of employment is practically in your hands. It is best to learn to live like a local.

Perhaps you have succeded in all the previous tests and a position is waiting for you in Mänttä. So after breakfast you have to learn some skills essential to Finns: fishing, berry or mushroom picking – depending on the season. Lunch at Pasi’s place. 
To assimilate into the local society find out where do the locals shop, what are the average wages, what are your duties and benefits. You have a local guide to instruct you in all these questions.  
Back to Pasi’s Wilderness Manor. It is time to relax, enjoy your achievements. 
Have a sauna safari and a delicious dinner!

DAY 4. Time to return home to rearrange your life before you begin with your new job in Mänttä. 

Departure to Helsinki, a stop-off at the Iittala Glass Center and Finnish Glass Museum. Good bye for now!

Got interested? Ask more and book:
tel. +358 (0)3 488 6801 or sales@serlachius.fi

We reserve the right for changes without prior notice.