Time of Stone

Harry Kivijärvi and six Finnish contemporary sculptors

Time of Stone portrays works of Harry Kivijärvi along with Finnish contemporary artists. Harry Kivijärvi (1931–2010) was one of Finland’s best-known – and most international – sculptors. Kivijärvi has been described as carrying on the age-old dialogue between humankind and stone, because his primary material was black stone. While aware of the long tradition behind him, Kivijärvi succeeded in finding his own distinctive expression. It placed him in the ranks of the modernists. He was active on the Finnish art scene and was conserned to preserve the craft of stone working.

Time of Stone situates Kivijärvi’s art in the long lineage of stone sculpture, and juxtaposes his works with those of six contemporary sculptors: Maria Dunker, Timo Hannunen, Aaron Heino, Anne Koskinen, Laura Könönen and Ville Mäkikoskela. Each of them sets their own characteristic use of stone alonside Harry Kivijärvi’s art.

Time of Stone publication accompanies an exhibition by the same name showcased at Serlachius Museum Gösta 13 Oct 2018–14 Apr 2019.

Editor: Laura Kuurne
Texts: Laura Kuurne, Liisa Lindgren, Tomi Moisio ja Liisa Kivijärvi
Graphic design: Maria Appelberg / Station Mir
Print house: Grano, Helsinki 2018
Publisher: Parvs Publications Ltd
120 pages

Serlachius Museums Publications 54
ISBN 978-952-7226-18-6

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