Rodney Graham, Artists and Models

Rodney Graham’s works deal with philosophy, literature, psychology, art, popular culture, history or collective memory — usually in a way that appears very prosaic.

Graham is best known specifically for his large pictures in photo lightboxes, which are disconcertingly sharp at every point. Graham’s works are always firmly bound up with a place and a time. The scenes are carefully scripted, staged and costumed. They may contain several layers of history, but everything has been carefully thought through. This creation of stories and their contexts is crucial to his slow, deliberate working process.

Rodney Graham is one of the founders of Vancouver photoconceptualism. But he has still used numerous art techniques other than photography during his career. Recently, he seems to have been most interested in painting. Alongside his career in visual art he has always been a musician, too.

Artists and Models is Serlachius Museums’ exhibition catalogue.

Editor: Timo Valjakka
Writers: Pauli Sivonen, Director, Serlachius Museums;
John Peter Nilsson, Communicative Museum Strategist, Moderna Museet, Stockholm;
Timo Valjakka, Curator and Art Critic, Helsinki 

Graphic Design: Derek Barnett, Information Office
Publisher: Parvs Publishing Ltd, Helsinki
Print house: Jelgavas Tipogrāfija, Jelgava 2020

97 pages
Serlachius Museums’ publications 68
ISBN 978-952-7226-55-1