Terms of use of the collections

Terms of use of the Serlachius Museums’ collection materials

1. By signing this undertaking, the user of the materials declares that they shall comply with data protection and copyright laws as well as these Terms of Use of the materials and shall not use the materials to the detriment of anyone.

2. Use of original materials shall be possible only on the Museums’ premises. Digital materials may be examined online. For this, user credentials are required, which can be requested from the Museums’ Collection Services.

3. The undersigned must handle the materials without damaging them. Artworks may be studied only in the presence of a museum caretaker, a conservator or a researcher. Drawing and archive materials may be given for the use of a researcher in the Museums’ researcher room. The materials shall be handled with care, with dry, clean hands, and they shall be kept in their original order. Only one archive box at a time shall be kept open. Protective gloves must be used in accordance with the instructions of museum staff. Staff shall assist with the handling of large or otherwise problematic materials and shall provide when necessary material-specific handling instructions. Food and drink must not be taken into the researcher room. The person in question shall be obliged to compensate the Museums for any loss or damage. Anyone violating instructions given on use may be denied right of use to the materials. 

4. There may be conditions restricting the use of archive materials, due to agreements made concerning them, on the request of informants or for their protection, or to safeguard a researcher’s first use protection. When using the materials, the undersigned must ensure the data protection of individuals and parties whom information contained in the materials may concern. The name and other identifying information of an informant must be changed or deleted, if necessary.

5. The material shall be referred to in accordance with standard research procedures and good practice. The Gösta Serlachius Fine Arts Foundation, the Serlachius Museums, Mänttä must be mentioned as the place of storage of the materials.

6. Permission to publish materials shall be requested from the person responsible for the collection. In order to publish copyright material, the user of the material shall be obliged to obtain the necessary permissions from the rightholders. The user is requested to provide the library of the Serlachius Museums, in printed or electronic form and free of charge, with one copy of the research or publication in which the Museums’ materials have been used. 

7. It shall be possible to obtain copies of materials in accordance with the Museums’ Archive Service price list, if copying is possible in terms of data protection and other legislation and without damaging the materials. Copies or self-taken photographs of materials must not be published or conveyed to others without permission and must be stored and disposed of appropriately. 

8. The Museums’ collection premises must not be photographed without permission. Section 6 of these Terms of Use must be observed when publishing photographs taken in a research situation. This also applies to publication on social media in a private or public profile.

These Terms of Use apply to the materials of the Serlachius Museums’ archive, object, drawing, art and photograph collections, as well as the oral history archive, including the collection databases.