Exploring – Swiss View on Finnish ITE art

The book Exploring – Swiss view on Finnish ITE art has been published in connection to an exhibition The Art of Others shown at Serlachius Museum Gösta.

Swiss Max E. Ammann and his wife Korine have collected Outsider art since 1990s. As a result, their collection comprises over 6000 artworks of over 600 artists. Therefore, it is probably the widest and most comprehensive collection of its kind.

Due to his career in international equestrian sports Max E. Amman has visited Finland several times and so has become acquainted with Finnish ITE artists. Essential part of the collecting hobby of the Ammanns are their visits to ITE artists and getting to know them personally. Exploring – Swiss View on Finnish ITE Art is an account of the trips the Ammann couple have made to visit the ITE artists in Finland. The book presents 25 Finnish ITE artist whose works have been included in Ammann collection.

The book tells also about the early stage of their collecting hobby and a friendship that was established through equestrian sports. This consequently lead into an exhibiton The Art of Others held at the Serlachius Museums in 2015. Texts written by Max E. Ammann and Korine Ammann are in Finnish and English.

Layout: Ilkka Kumpunen
Publisher: Maahenki Oy
Print house: BookWell, Porvoo 2016
92 pages
Serlachius Museums’ Publications 31
ISBN: 978-952-301-080-2

Exploring – Swiss view on Finnish ITE art. Retkiä ITE-Suomessa.