Works by Pirjetta Brander from the years 1996–2023

Serlachius Manor 25 March — 3 September 2023

For Pirjetta Brander, making art is exploring an undercurrent. She often depicts unpleasant truths from the boundaries of the senses and understanding. The basis of Brander’s art is acquisition of knowledge. With her works, she maps the ways of existence in the world and ponders how it is possible to tolerate existence.

The works of the exhibition are based on movement and line: in a cartoon animation, a factory churns out goods onto a conveyor belt, while elsewhere carefully researched plant-themed drawings are teeming with concentrated life. The exhibition presents the versatile artist’s drawings, graphics, animation and sculptures from 1996 to 2023. The exhibition is dedicated to the artist’s daughter Ursula. The exhibition is curated by Laura Kuurne.

Further information

Read additional information on the exhibition in a text version of the video story.