Porcelain sculptures of Rachel Kneebone

Serlachius Manor 14 May — 9 October 2022

Rachel Kneebone (b. 1973) makes her enigmatic sculptures using white porcelain, a material that reacts sensitively to light and sometimes looks heavy and solid, sometimes light and translucent. The properties of the material support works in which fragments of the human body multiply and mix both with each other and with unidentified organic forms.

In her art, Kneebone explores humanity, the cycle of life, metamorphosis and renewal. A stream of diverse contrasts is mixed with extensive references to literature and art history. Everything is in motion: Rococo lightness is mixed into problems of the modern world and the future blended with Renaissance optimism. Rachel Kneebone lives and works in London. The exhibition is curated by Timo Valjakka.

Artwork: Rachel Kneebone, The language of the body is yet to be explored (detail), 2017, porcelain, Corian and adhesive, private owner.


Serlachius Museums’ publication Punoutua for the eponymous exhibition by Rachel Kneebone.


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