Procedural Memory

Petri Eskelinen's interactive sculptures

Art Museum Gösta 21.3.2020—7.3.2021

How do we interpret something as alive? Could the basis of discussion be movement? 

The works of Petri Eskelinen (b. 1975) are often thought experiments on topical issues that he has modelled into various kinds of devices. Eskelinen, who is known for his moving interactive sculptures, works by means of technical experimentation.

The viewer is an integral part of the sculptures, which come to life momentarily when museum visitors use them. The mechanical sculptures are constructed of wood, which makes them safe and easily approachable. In his recent works, Eskelinen has addressed new research on the ability of plants to think.

Petri Eskelinen
Social Animal
interactive sculpture

Petri Eskelinen
Mechanical Movement 1/2