Olli and Bucklan

The Life and Art of the Ehrströms

Museum Gustaf 26.1.2019—30.8.2020

Olli and Bucklan were the nick-names of the talented artist couple Eric O. W. Ehrström (1881–1934) and Olga Gummerus-Ehrström (1876–1938). They are little-known figures in Finnish art history. Now their output is on show in a comprehensive exhibition. Moreover, many of the works and sketches of the exhibition are on show for the first time.

Olga (Olli) was a talented portrait painter. She also designed and implemented stained glass paintings, textiles and other ornamental art works in collaboration with her husband. On the other hand, Eric (Bucklan) was a well-known and respected artist and industrial designer. He completed his most important work for the architectural firm Gesellius, Lindgren, Saarinen.

The exhibition at Serlachius Museum Gustaf focuses on works related to Ehrströms’ personal history and Eric’s decorative craft-based design. Also works and sketches related to the couple’s cooperation with Gösta Serlachius are on show. The curator of the exhibition Olli and Bucklan is Serlachius Museums’ Curator, Helena Hänninen.

The exhibition is based on a long-term cataloguing and research. So, this comprehensive exhibition is a result of this work. The show presents the collection that the artist couple bequeathed to the Gösta Serlachius Fine Arts Foundation mid 1930s.

Online Publication

Jewellery Box is an online publication on jewelry designed by Eric O. W. Ehrstöm and sketches and drawings he has made to design jewelry items.

Sound Stories

Olli and Bucklan. The sound story provides interesting information on the life and art of the very active artist couple.