Apothecary’s Trade House

Experience history – hands-on

Serlachius Museum Gustaf 16.11.2013—19.11.2023

At Apothecary’s Trade House you will learn how an old pharmacy traded with many other things than merely medicines.

The exhibition leads us to the times of G. A. Serlachius. In its functional workshops you can learn about the operations and professions of an old pharmacy. This workshop exhibition is directed particularly to children and young people. Its touchable and testable exhibits provide interesting activities to adults as well.

The first mill owner in Mänttä, Gustaf Adolf Serlachius had a pharmacy in Tampere. After that he decided to establish a paper mill at Mäntänkoski in 1868. Also, during his pharmacist’s career, he was one the first in Finland to practise photographing.

In his pharmacy, the busy pharmacist traded in everything possible. He sold items from smelling salts to hay seed and from copper horns to chicks. His pharmacy reminded one of a trade house. There was something for every one. What you could not find, you could order. The visitors experience the work at a pharmacy hands-on, either on a guided tour or independently. The visitors can take photographs, work as a sales clerk or identify herbs. In addition to that, one can see the working methods of an old times’ pharmacy on videos.

The Apothecary’s Trade House suits excellently among others for pupils. They will learn hands-on trading in the old days and usage of herbs.