City Bikes

Bike & Rail – Memorable experiences by train and bike

Hop on train and book a city bike already on the way using Donkey Republic App. Mount on a bike at Vilppula railway station and pedal away to enjoy the experiences Mänttä-Vilppula has to offer!

Renting and using the bike

Download Donkey Republic mobile app into your mobile phone. Register as a user by adding your telephone number, e-mail and pay card.

Open the app and expand the map so that you can find the bike stations in Mänttä-Vilppula. Book a bike at Vilppula railway station or at Serlachius Headquarters. If there are no bikes available at the station at a any given moment, the app does not show marker dot on the station. 

Make sure that your phone’s Bluetooth is on.

Choose the bike you want to use. Each bike has been named so that they can be identified. When you have chosen a bike, you are able to see the price list and accept the terms of use of the bike. At will, you may reserve a bike 12 hours in advance for an additional fee of 4 euros.

If you reserve several bikes at a time, submit the e-mail address of each user in the app. During the booking period, each bike user may open the lock of their bike in the app by using the given e-mail address. 

You may also acquire a bike insurance valid for 24 hours for 2 Euros. If something should happen to your bike during the booking period, your excess is notably smaller.

1 hour: 2 €
4 hours: 5 €
1 day: 12 €

Donkey Republic -city bikes are maintained by KaaKau. Contact customer service and emergency servicing tel. 044 716 0644 (open daily from 9 am to 7 pm).

Additional information at KaaKau website.

Press button OPEN in the app when you stand close to the bike. The name of the bike in the app should be same as the one on the name plate attached to the steering rod..

Adjust the bike’s saddle and test the brakes. The bike has no foot brake. Set off on an adventure! 

You may lock your bike normally during the booking period. Press the LOCK button in the app and wait until the lock reacts. Subsequently, the app may request pressing down the orange lever on the lock attached to the rear wheel. Do it by hand. If this does not work, cut off the Bluetooth and the app on your phone. Then close the the orange lever by hand.. 

Termination of use and rental

Drop the bike off either to Vilppula railway station or to Serlachius Headquarters (Until 15 June in the yard of Serlachius Residency, address Kauppaneuvoksenkatu 3, Mänttä). Lock the bike normally. The bike identifies its position at the return station. The return button on your mobile app turns green. Press it. The application takes a while to confirm that the bike is locked and that everything is in order. This terminates your booking, and you will receive a summary of your journey.

If you drop your bike off anywhere else than to the stated stations at the end of the rental period, you will receive a bill for a wrongly parked bike. 

Bike & Rail Service is carreid out in with Art Town Mänttä-Vilppula, Serlachius and KaaKau who provides the city bikes of Donkey Republic.

Additional information

See detailed instructions for different situations at the website of KaaKau who manages the Donkey Republic bikes..