Press release 27 October 2021

Exhibitions of female artists from British Isles feature at Serlachius Museums in 2022

In 2022, Serlachius Museums in Finland will show exhibitions by three female artists from the British Isles. In their exhibitions, photographic and video artist Trish Morrissey, painter Clare Woods and sculptor Rachel Kneebone take a diverse look at humanity. 

Serlachius Museums will also feature exhibitions by American photographer Andy Freeberg and Finland’s best-known graffiti artist, EGS. In addition, an extensive selection of the Serlachius Fine Arts Foundation’s contemporary art will be exhibited for the first time. 

Trish Morrissey: Autofictions. Twenty years of photography and film

An Irish-born artist living in England, Trish Morrissey (b. 1967) brings her extensive retrospective exhibition to Serlachius Museum Gustaf. She highlights women’s experiences and forgotten stories. Morrissey presents real and fictional characters in her output, which combines performance, photography and moving image. This is her first solo exhibition in Finland. The exhibition, curated by Kate Best, will be on display from 5 February 2022 to 8 January 2023.

Clare Woods: Between Before and After 

British artist Clare Woods (b. 1972) has depicted in her recent paintings the vulnerability and short-lived nature of life. The coronavirus pandemic, which shrank life to within the walls of the home, has also ended up in her works. The exhibition, to be shown at Serlachius Museum Gösta from 26 March 2022 to 5 March 2023 presents Woods’ production from the last five years. This is the artist’s first exhibition in Finland. 

Rachel Kneebone: Punoutua

Rachel Kneebone (b. 1973), who lives and works in London, makes her enigmatic sculptures from white porcelain, a material that reacts sensitively to light and movement. The properties of the material support works in which fragments of the human body multiply and mix both with each other and with unidentified organic forms. A stream of contrasts is mixed with extensive references to literature and art history. Kneebone’s exhibition, which has been given a Finnish-language name Punoutua, will be shown at Serlachius Museum Gösta from 14 May to 9 October 2022.

Andy Freeberg: Where Art Thou?

American photographic artist Andy Freeberg began his career as a photojournalist specialising particularly in portraits, and he worked for many major American magazines. Since 2007, however, he has focused on his career as a visual artist. To be shown at Serlachius Museum Gösta from 26 March to 4 September 2022, Freeberg’s exhibition surveys the art world and examines, for example, Russian museum guards, New York art gallery reception desks, art fairs, and the use of art in the interior design of the homes of California’s nouveau riche. 

EGS: This Could Go on Forever 

EGS, who began his career as a graffiti artist, has over the years painted his three letters at locations all over the world, ranging from abandoned factories to nuclear submarine ports. This Could Go on Forever tells of three-letter journeys in different environments, implmented with different materials. 

A work executed with spray paint on the wall of an Estonian industrial building is documented, and a three-part glass sculpture is created based on it. The sculpture, in turn, forms the basis for the creation of a new painting, which is documented. The works will be exhibited at Serlachius Museum Gösta from 24 September 2022 to 5 March2023.

Morning Coffee on the Roof of a Town

Serlachius Fine Arts Foundation’s collection of contemporary art has been actively augmented over the past decade or more. During this time, the general culture of discussion has been marked by escalation and polarisation. The exhibition Morning Coffee on the Roof of a Town considers whether we can use art to take a step below the surface in understanding unfamiliar perspectives. The works from the Serlachius collection of contemporary art will be presented at the Serlachius Museum Gösta from 5 November 2022 to 16 April 2023.

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Photos above: 
Trish Morrissey, Bitzer, from the series The Failed Realist, 2011. ⓒ Trish Morrissey
EGS, This Could Go on Forever. Photo: Marko Rantanen.
Rachel Kneebone, Raft of the Medusa IX, 2015. Photo: Stephen White. ⓒ White Cube
Reima Nevalainen, Point of no Return, 2016. Photo: Jari Kuusenaho. ⓒ Gösta Serlachius Fine Arts Foundation
Clare Woods, The English Smile, 2021. ⓒ Clare Woods
Andy Freeberg, Andrea Rosen, 2009–2011. ⓒ Andy Freeberg

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