Role-playing Game Maa

Matthew Day Jackson

Maa is a post-apokalyptic role-playing game developed by American artist Matthew Day Jackson together with Finnish game designer Juhana Pettersson (Vampire the Masquerade, 5th edition) and British art critic Tom Morton (assisting editor of frieze magazine).

Earth, 3030 AD. A thousand years ago, humanity vanished, leaving behind a landscape ravaged by environmental catastrophe, and all-out nuclear war. In time, the wounded planet healed itself, and became a paradise, home to new and wonderous forms of life. Now, however, homo sapiens has begun to send out Scouts, to explore the world beyond the subterranean bunkers in which it has hidden for ten long centuries. Will our species be transformed by what it finds, or is it fated to repeat the same deadly mistakes it made a millennium ago? 

The game accompanied Serlachius Museum Gösta‘s exhibition Matthew Day JacksonMaa (18 May–29 Sep 2019). The curator of the exhibition was Timo Valjakka. Tarja Väätänen was responsible for the exhibition architecture. Languages: Finnish and English.

Layout: Matthew Day Jackson and Ville Karppanen 
ISBN 978-952-7226-31-5
Publisher: PARVS Publishing Ltd
Published in May 2019. 

Roolipeli Maa – Role-playing game Maa