Banksy. A Visual Protest

Banksy is world famous street artist whose true identity is still unknown. He is a rebel whose works mocking commercialism now attract top prices from collectors. Banksy’s visually skilful art is often political and biting but incorporate humanity and warm humour.

This book contextualises Banksy’s art against the backdrop of art history and theory. It has not been authorised by the artist.

Exhibition on Banksy’s art is shown at Serlachius Museums 15 May–10 Oct 2021.

Writers: Pauli Sivonen, Gianni Mercurio, Demetrio Paparoni, Raf Valvola Scelsi, Butterfly and David Chaumet.
Layout: studio FM & Fabio Lancini
Printed: Livonia Print, Riika, 2021
Publisher: Parvs Publishing
Finnish | English
272 pages
Serlachius Museums’ publications 75
ISBN 978-952-7226-93-3

Banksy. A Visual Protest -julkaisu