Pleasure is an exhibition publication created in connection to two eponymous exhibitions shown at Serlachius Museums as well as in Helsinki Art Museum.

This book presents the work of three leading Finnish contemporary painters, Jukka Korkeila, Elina Merenmies and Anna Retulainen, along with their pick of older paintings from the collections of the Serlachius Fine Arts Foundation. This intriguing fusion of old and new art is a complex exploration of the pleasure that both the artist and the viewer experience during moments of lingering interaction with the canvas. The writers of this book are Mika Hannula, Jukka Korkeila, Laura Kuurne, Elina Merenmies, Anna Retulainen and Sanna Tuulikangas.

Editors: Mika Hannula, Sanna Tuulikangas
Graphic design: Minna Luoma / Candy Graphics
Print house: Bookwell Oy, Porvoo, 2017
Publisher: Parvs Publishing Ltd.
190 pages
Serlachius Museums’ Publications 40
Helsingin taidemuseon HAMin julkaisuja 138
ISBN 978-952-7226-02-5

Nautinto – Pleasure: Serlachius-museoiden näyttelyjulkaisu – Serlachius Museums' exhibition publication