Museum of No Art (MuNA) is a museum that artist Riiko Sakkinen created for the Serlachius Museums. First of all, it had its initial opening in the Art Museum Gösta summer 2014. Its catalogue implies to new openings around the world, however. MuNA represents the dystopic museum of the future where the position of art is restricted only to posters. Furthermore, the museum contains only products with MuNA-logo sold at the museum shop.

Exhibition catalogue presents in detail MuNA-products, posters and distribution of MuNA around the world. It lists names of the board, familiar from the world of entertainment. Additionally, head curator is known from the commercial Sex in the city. In contrast, its sponsors represent the villain companies of the world of cinema. With the exception of the posters the catalogue does not entail any art images.

Director Pauli Sivonen of the Serlachius Museums and Mikko Myllykoski have written an article about the spanish-based artist Riiko Sakkinen, his thoughts as well as about the concept of the Museum of No Art.

Texts: Riiko Sakkinen, Pauli Sivonen and Mikko Myllykoski
Editor: Pauli Sivonen
Graphic design: Teija Lammi, Grafemi 
Aldus Oy, Lahti 2014
108 pages

Serlachius Museums’ Publications 15
ISBN 978-952-7017-04-3

MuNA – Museum of No Art. Serlachius-museot – Serlachius Museums.