Lands of Treasure

Animation work of IC-98

Serlachius Manor 25.9.2021—6.3.2022

The starting point of the animation work is the story of a forest elf who, when he falls, leaves behind a trail of destruction.

Lands of Treasure describes the humankind’s search for direction in this world that resulted in a climate crisis. The journey across the “treasurelands” is a ritual during which ingredients are gathered for a new story that would oppose the present and enchant the world once again.

The Turku-based artist group IC-98 consists of Patrik Söderlund (b. 1974) and Visa Suonpää (b. 1968). IC-98 received the Finnish State Prize for Art in 2009 and represented Finland at the Venice Biennale in 2015.

Image: Sampo Linkoneva

Introduction to the animated work

Curator Eeva Ilveskoski’s presentation on the work.


Learn more about the choral piece composed for the animated work.

Photo: IC-98, Lands of Treasure, sketch.