Studies on the Ecology of Drama 1

Eija-Liisa Ahtila's video installation in four-channels

Art Museum Gösta 14.6.2014—11.1.2015

Finland’s internationally most famous contemporary artist Eija-Liisa Ahtila shows a projected installation in four channels, Studies on the Ecology of Drama 1.

The premiere of the artwork occurred in connection to the opening of the new Gösta museum. The approximately 28-minute installation of moving images is an artwork about methods of presentation as a path to other living creatures. Actress Kati Outinen plays the human role in the work.

Other species presented are a bush, a tree, a worm, a house martin, a butterfly and horses. In addition, a group of human actors form a “Group of Shadows”.

According to Ahtila, the aim of the artwork is to present the anthropocentrism or belief in the centrality of the human race, in film narration and to utilize moving images as means of expression in creation of an ecological drama and story.

Studies on the Ecology of Drama 1 is Ahtila’s first work in 15 years to have its premiere in Finland. On rule her works from recent years have had their premiere abroad in notable museums and galleries. The Foundation has acquired the art work to its collections.