Playground / leikkikenttä

Elina Brotherus's photographs and videos in the spirit of Fluxus art

Museum Gustaf 16.6.2018—6.1.2019

Elina Brotherus photographs and video works from 2016–18 are humorous and adventurous and at the  same time absurd.  They present a new development in Elina Brotherus’ work. 

The works from 2016–18y take as their inspiration from the ‘event scores’ of the 1960s’ Fluxus artists. These event scores allow any artist to create the event or performance later on in their personal way.

Brotherus adopted as a starting point for her work the ‘event scores’ interpreting them in her own style also seeking inspiration from film makers, poets, painters and photographers. In many works, she has collaborated with the dancer and choreographer Vera Nevanlinna.

Elina Brotherus’ work has been given prominence in numerous art and photography books and magazines. She has published nine monographs. She has been awarded, among others, Carte blanche PMU, France, in 2017, the Finnish State Prize for Photography in 2008, Prix Niépce in 2005 and the Prix Mosaïque, Luxembourg, in 2001.

The exhibition is curated by Dr Susan Bright.

Image: Elina Brotherus, Orange event, 2017. For Åke Hodell: Regard two or three oranges for a long time. (Bengt af Klintberg: 25 orange events, 1963–66)


Artist Elina Brotherus and curator Susan Bright discuss Brotherus’ new works.


The Photographic artworks in Elina Brotherus’ playground / leikkikenttä themed Flux Box. See Publications.