Takeshi Moro, Ichi-go ichi-e

Japanese Takeshi Moro photographed in winter 2012–2013 the life of the asylum-seekers who moved to Mänttä from Ruovesi along with asylum-seeker’s reception centre. The central persons are Hussein, Qalander and Wali from Afganistan. Takeshi Moro took part in their daily life, wandered with them around in Mänttä and observed their routines at home.

Moro depicts the arrival and the life of the reception centre on the basis of ichi-go ichi-e -way of thinking that is related to Japanese tea ceremony. This philosophy emphazises the importance of the indivudual meetings included in each tea ceremony.

The exhibition opened 5 July 2013 at Gustaf Museum. Pauli Sivonen, Director of the Serlachius Museums, has edited the publication Takeshi Moro, Ichi-go, ichi-e.

The artist has lived in United States and worked as assistant professor of art at Santa Clara University in California. Simultaneously he’s has worked as a free artist. After his studies he has participated for quite a while in residencies around the world.

Editors: Takeshi Moro and Pauli Sivonen
Grafic design: Teija Lammi, Grafemi
67 pages
ISBN 978-952-7017-00-5
Serlachius Museums publications 9
Aldus Oy, Lahti 2013

Takeshi Moro, Ichi-go ichi-e -teoksen kansikuva. Serlachius museoiden julkaisuja.