Paper Devil

Paper Devil – The Book gives deeper and more detailed background information on the main exhibition by the same name opened at Serlachius Museum Gustaf in May 2013. The exhibition portrays in an intensely dramatised story the life of Mänttä’s first mill owner Gustaf Adolf Serlachius, his times of difficulties and moments of victories on a rocky path of the frontline of the Finnish paper industry.

The images of the book open up the fascinating exhibition that combines methods adopted from theatre with stories related to the pioneer and legend of the Finnish paper industry.

Paper Devil contains the exhibition manuscript written by Sami Parkkinen and Pauli Sivonen. Also Mikko Myllykoski and Claire Pillsbury, Hanna Helavuori as well as Helena Sederholm open up the exhibition in their articles. Sampo Linkoneva is responsible for the publication’s splendid images.

Editors: Annika Pynnönen and Pauli Sivonen
Graphic design: Teija Lammi, Grafemi
ISBN 978-952-7017-06-7
Serlachius Museums’ Publications 17
Aldus Oy, Lahti 2014.

Paperiperkele – Paper Devil. Serlachius-museoiden julkaisu – A publication of the SErlachius Museums.