Visits during the pandemic


At Serlachius, a special attention has been paid to safety precautions during pandemic. Welcome to visit the peaceful environment of Serlachius where it is easy to avoid unnecessary contacts. Serlachius consists of several spacious buildings and various spaces which allow for avoiding crowds.

We are prepared for your visit in many different ways and will take care of your safety as well as that of our staff. Cleaning of our premises has been intensified. We pay special attention to hand hygiene and provide disinfectant in several spots around the museums. We pay attention to and remind our customers of keeping safe distances e.g. with the help of announcements and written info.

We also wish that our clients take care of maintaining safe distances for their part. Face mask is required of all during the visit. Also our personnel uses vizors or face masks for protection.

At Serlachius Museums, all surfaces in customer spaces and rest rooms, such a counters, handles and rails have been applied with a special photocatalyse coating which kills efficiently microbes. Nanoksi Finland who utilises Finnish top-notch technology implemented the coating. The photocatalyse consist of a chemical reaction triggered by light. The oxygen radicals react with viruses, bacteria and other disease agents and destroy them. Light is all that is needed to activate the coating. Tampere University has done research on the proper functioning of the method.

Our restaurant has reduced seats according to the Finnish Government’s restrictions on gatherings. Also, the tables are arranged so that the safe distance between different parties can be realized. The food is pre-plated and served directly to table from the top modern and hygienic kitchen.   

Group sizes at guided tours will be restricted so that one guide leads a group of no more than 20 persons. This does not increase the price of the visit. 

Serlachius bus runs according to its normal time table. In the Serlachius bus, a special attention is paid to cleanliness and disinfectant is also available. We recommend our customers to buy the bus ticket online in advance. In order to keep safe distances we aim to introduce a bigger bus for the route, if at any time a large number of preservations is made.