Leisure Group Examples

1. From Office to Manor

Guided drama tour at Serlachius Museum Gustaf offers humour and stories related to the office of a paper mill in the 1950s.

This travel package leads you to mill owner Gösta Serlachius’ dreams and home patch: to the old head office of the Serlachius Paper Company, nowadays Museum Gustaf, and from there on to the Art Museum Gösta, the former residence of the industrialist and to an award-winning pavilion in connection to the old manor. 

at 10.00 am HEARTY COFFEE at Wine Tavern Vuorenmaja 
The bus travels high to reach our coffee place on Mänttä Mountain and the charming Wine Tavern located there. 

at 11.00 am TOWN TOUR during which we get acquainted with the town and its most significant building. We hear the stories around the landmarks of the industrial society and take a look at its history. 

at 12.00 noon HUMORISTIC HISTORY at Museum Gustaf 
A drama tour Working for the company takes us directly to the hierarchic work atmosphere of 1950s head office: Enough chatter! Let me see a straight line! 

at 1.30 pm LUNCH at Restaurant Gösta, located in the art museum’s awarded pavilion. Chef de cuisine Henry Tikkanen creates a delicious three-course meal using local, pure and seasonal ingredients.

at 2.45 pm GUIDED ART TOUR at Museum Gösta 
We see top works of Finland’s Golden Age art at the manor that Gösta Serlachius let build for his home. We also take a short view of the thematic exhibitions at the pavilion. 

Price: € 58 / person, when the group consists at least 15 persons (in group’s own bus) 
Includes: guided tours, meals and VAT

2. The Realm of the Serlachiuses

This example package introduces us the landmarks of Mänttä built by the Serlachiuses, the story of the paper company and the colorful life of the forest lords. 

at 10.30 am MORNING COFFEE at Museum Gustaf, the former head office of the Serlachius Company. Marvel at the original design furniture of the 1930s.

at 11.00 am SHORT FILM: the Story of Serlachius
An eventful half-an-hour film shows a part of the history of the Finnish paper industry. 

An excursion to the head office building and a visit to the impressive exhibition Paper Devil tell the turbulent story of the life and business affairs of erratic G. A. Serlachius, the first paper mill owner of Mänttä. 

at 1.00 pm LUNCH at Restaurant Gösta
The lunch served at the tables proceeds smoothly and offers a proper moment of rest in between the interesting guided tours. 

at 2.15 pm GUIDED ART TOUR at Museum Gösta
We see top works of the Golden Age of Finnish Art at the manor, the former residence of Gösta Serlachius. We also take a view of the thematic exhibitions at the awarded pavilion. 

at 3.30 pm GUIDED TOUR to the stone church Gösta Serlachius had constructed for the industrial community in the 1920s. The church is full of interesting art and design.

at 4.15 pm FAREWELL COFFEE at Mänttä Club
Mänttä Club was completed in 1920 as the festival and representational facility of the Serlachius Company. 

Price: € 63,50 / person, when the group consists of at least 15 persons (in their own bus)
Includes: guided tours, meals and VAT

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