Mark Wallinger Mark

The Serlachius Museums published the book Mark Wallinger Mark in connection to British artist’s eponymous exhibition at Serlachius Museum Gösta.

Wallinger is known for his diversity as an artist whose art is a combination of regeneration and the element of surprise. His oeuvre comprises paintings, sculptures, photographs, videos, installations, performances and public artworks.

The curator of the exhibition was Timo Valjakka. The exhibition was opened 28 May 2016 at Serlachius Museums. In 2017, the show transferred to Dundee Contemporary Arts and The Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh. The exhibition presented Wallinger’s works from along his career and a particularly wide selection of his latest works, the monumental id Paintings. The exhibition contained also several video works.

The book Mark Wallinger Mark opens the main ideas of the id paintings and the exhibition as a whole. The Fruitmarket Gallery’s director Fiona Bradley and Timo Valjakka have authored articles for the book. It also contains Mark Wallinger’s interview made by Beth Bate. The book contains texts in Finnish and English languages.

Authors: Timo Valjakka, Fiona Bradley, Beth Bate and Pauli Sivonen
Editor: Fiona Bradley
Graphic design: Elizabeth McLean
143 pages
Serlachius Museums’ Publications 29
ISBN 978-1-908612-43-4

Mark Wallinger Mark. Serlachius-museoiden julkaisu – A publication of the Serlachius Museums.