Anna Estarriola's installation

Serlachius Manor 23.9.2023—3.3.2024

Anna Estarriola’s installation transforms the exhibition space into an extended moment in a garden or a greenhouse, where unnatural wonders are cultivated. Simultaneously rising and about to collapse, a contorted body balances superhumanly on its hair, while growling creatures await on the ground.

A vision of humanity’s yearning towards the infinite and the not yet possible, the work juxtaposes artistic creation with the cycle of life and hints at the inevitable fall already present in the moment of glory. For how long is it possible to hold the gravity-defying pose? How much is it possible to control, alter and exceed nature and humanity before meeting their limits? 

Anna Estarriola (b. 1980) is a Helsinki-based artist known for her uncannily enchanting sculptures and media installations. In her work, Estarriola combines sculpture, moving image, performance and sound to create affectively charged images, scenes and situations.

In Moment, Estarriola continues evolving the themes of performativity, otherness, power and failure as well as finiteness and eternity inherent in her previous work. The exhibition is curated by Petra Lehtoruusu.



Photo above: Anna Estarriola, Moment, 2023, installation detail. Photo: Sampo Linkoneva