Press release 25.10.2023

Serlachius Museums exhibitions 2024: nothing ordinary 

At the Serlachius Museums, the year 2024 will see the ROR collective, which conquered the world in the early 2000s. American artist Devan Shimoyama will present his acclaimed barber installation. Commissioned for Serlachius, Eija-Liisa Ahtila’s new work questions the narrative and anthropocentrism of moving images.

23 March 2024–23 March 2025

Did someone order a revolution? ROR is Back! In 2000, ROR came, saw and conquered the world. Commissioned by the Serlachius Museums, it returns from the future, bringing with it a wonderful alphabet that creates a new ROR world. The exhibition has been designed and curated by the ROR group: Petri Ala-Maunus, Jiri Geller, Alvar Gullichsen and Ilse Rossander. 

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Devan Shimoyama: Fade Cut
23 March–18 August 2024

Making his Nordic debut, US-artist Devan Shimoyama (s. 1989) brings to Serlachius his installation, which has been highly acclaimed. Shimoyama (b. 1989) explores themes of sexuality, race and gender in his carnivalesque works. He reflects on queer identity, appending to it references from mythology and art history.

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11 May–15 September 2024

Group exhibition Mask explores the meanings of mask wearing as part of human history. MASK examines the subject of masks from antiquity through 20th century avant-garde to contemporary art. The exhibition has borrowed works not only from art museums but also from cultural history collections, and it is curated by the Italian art historian Lorella Scacco.

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from 15 June 2024

Behind the Serlachius art collection is a fascinating story that intertwines art, history, architecture, forest and Finnishness. The permanent exhibition at the Serlachius Museum Gustaf tells the story behind the Mänttä art collection. It includes a separate experience and workshop area for children and the childlike who are interested in forests.

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Riiko Sakkinen: Los Moimoi de Fuengirola
15 June 2024–16 February 2025

The exhibition and research project of the artist Riiko Sakkinen (b. 1976) explores the identity of Finns living in Fuengirola, in Spain’s Costa del Sol. A community of around 30,000 Finns live their own semi-isolated lives. Indeed, the Fuengirola local government has named its municipality “Finland’s southernmost town”.

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Thank-you Letters
15 June 2024–16 February 2025

Works of art sometimes have such a powerful impact on the viewer that the experience leaves a lasting impression. In the group exhibition Thank-you Letters, people working in the visual arts highlight each an individual artist and their work. Thank-you letters create a meandering, multi-faceted chain in which good words are passed on from one author to the next.

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Nastja Säde Rönkkö: salt in our blood, in our sweat, in our tears
7 September 2024–23 March 2025

Tears and drops of blood and sweat create a tragic story about lost love. Nastja Säde Rönkö’s (b. 1985) video installation is driven by a poetic text. She received the third Below Zero Prize (2023), granted by Beaconsfield Gallery London, Serlachius Museums and the Finnish Institute in the UK and Ireland, and created the work in connection with a mentored residency provided by it.

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Eija-Liisa Ahtila: Reflection on a Forest
12 October 2024–27 April 2025

Eija-Liisa Ahtila’s (b. 1959) third commissioned work for Serlachius Museums is a multi-image installation in which she continues to call into question the narrative of the moving image and human-centred perspective. Ahtila builds ways of representation and expression that can help create a more balanced understanding of the living reality of the planet.

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