Museum of No Art – MuNa

Riiko Sakkinen's museum with no art

Art Museum Gösta 14 June — 7 September 2014

Museum of No Art is artist Riiko Sakkinen’s answer to an invitation to make an exhibition about institution of the museum. Something is missing, however. Sakkinen’s museum has no art.

MuNA at Serlachius Museum Gösta consists of the products in the museum shop and posters printed for the exhibition. Museum of No Art has a stylish logo that can be seen at many locations: at MuNA’s website, in Facebook, in Twitter and at adverts.

The architecture of MuNA, the members of the board of directors, the poster made by artists as well as the assortment on sale at the museum shop are presented in a serious manner in the exhibition catalogue .

Riiko Sakkinen’s MuNA portrays museum as an institution where the artists role is concentrated in legitimising and promoting the museum rather than producing the content. The real substance consists of the ego the museum director, museum shop and exploiting the museum for business.
– MuNA is dystopic museum where art has no meaning. All that matters at MuNA is money, power, brand and the number of visitors, Sakkinen explains.

In fact, MuNA consists merely of products sold at the museum shop. In Sakkinen’s view, the museum shop seems to be the heart of many museums.
– To sell souvenirs is far more important than art. Muna has therefore cleaned away everything that is unnecessary. Art is a necessity only for making museum commercials.