A Dialogue Across Time

A Dialogue Over Time brings together two exhibitions of photographic dealing with Mänttä. They were both brought to the public in Serlachius Museums Gösta‘s pavilion. Ville Lenkkeri’s Petrified Forest(2014) viewed Mänttä as the home territory of his childhood. Hence, as the backdrop to the story of the artist’s growing up, and as the obscure object of possibility distorted memories.

Meanwhile, for the artist in the group exhibition Touching from a Distance(2015), Mänttä was an unfamiliar small town and the object of their analytical observations for an extended week in autumn 2014. A Dialogue Across Time attempts to dig connecting channels between these two streams. That is to say to let them flow along the same riverbed, gaining strength and energy from each other.

One of the authors, Ville Lenkkeri is a Stockholm-based photographic artist. He spend his your in a small industrial town called Mänttä. Subsequently, Lenkkeri has studied in school of Arts, Desing and Architecture in Helsinki as well as in Prague. He has exhibited all around the world. Photographic artist Pekka Turunen has received international recognition with a biennial exhibition in Sydney. In addition to that he has twice been awarded the five-year Finnish State Grant for Photographic Art. Pauli Sivonen is the Director of the Serlachius Museums.

Authors: Ville Lenkkeri, Pauli Sivonen and Pekka Turunen
Editors: Ville Lenkkeri and Laura Kuurne
160 pages
ISBN 978-952-7017-08-1
Serlachius Museums’ Publications 21
Bookwell Oy, Porvoo 2015

Vuoropuhelu ajan yli – A Dialogue Across Time