Our Environmental Policy

Our environmental policy

Responsibility of the environment is a matter of the heart for us who work in the Serlachius Museums. We want to look after the environment as carefully and sustained as we treasure our art collection and as determined and quality oriented as we produce exhibitions and serve our customers. 

We operate culturally sustainably and secure valuable cultural heritage to the posterity. We have recognised the environmental aspects in our operations. As our great goal are museums which have been able to minimize energy and water consumption, the amount of waste generated as well as the negative environmental impact. For us, life-cycle approach is of essence. 

Environmental management standard ISO 14001 guides our environmental work. Environmental system in connected to the core, key and supporting processes determined by us. It will be applied in operations of our staff, partners and stakeholders related to these processes that take place in the facilities for museum operations in Mänttä-Vilppula. To reach our goals of sustainability, we evaluate and improve our operations continuously. In this effort, we operate actively in cooperation with our clients and stakeholders and commit to the obligations determined by us. 

Climate partners

Serlachius takes part in the network of climate partners in Tampere Region.