Under the Eagle’s Wings

Serlachius Museum Gustaf's first main exhibition

Museum Gustaf 17.5.2003—10.3.2013

At the foot of the paper mill’s towering chimney stack, you will get to know the daily life and festivities of the mill owners and workers. Starting with recruitment to the mill, the exhibition will guide you through its offices, the forest and the mill itself, and introduce you to its workers and the business life of the mill.

The importance of the mill extended beyond the production line to architecture, art and the wider community – it affected the lives of the local people from the cradle to the grave.

The interactive exhibition carries you on a timeline through turbulent times in Finland´s history, as well as to the everyday life of the mill town.

Pick up a telephone or turn the steering wheel: choose an exhibit and hear its captivating stories. Meet the talking wooden folk! Have a go at running the company in the early 1900’s, or a peek in through the shutters into the world of Serlachius. The exhibition Under the Eagls Wings transports you to where small town life moves to the beat of machine and industry.