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+358 (0)3 488 6800 | Gustaf, R. Erik Serlachiuksen katu 2 | Gösta, Joenniementie 47 | Mänttä

Serlachius-museot ovat avoinna kesällä 1.6.–31.8. joka päivä 10–18, talviaikaan 1.9.–31.5. ti–su 11–18.


+358 (0)3 488 6800 | Gustaf, R. Erik Serlachiuksen katu 2 | Gösta, Joenniementie 47 | Mänttä

talviaikaan 1.9.–31.5. ti-su klo 11–18
kesäaikaan 1.6.–31.8. joka päivä klo 10–18

Käykää rohkeasti

Maanantai 16. Maaliskuuta 2015

Mänttä as a Stimulation

Mayumi Niiranen-Hisatomi likes Hannes Autere and is eagerly planning her new works.

I have been in Serlachius residency for about two weeks now and there are still two more weeks I am staying here. Before coming to Mänttä from my current home town Kajaani I was a little worried whether I would be fascinated by the surrounding environment of the residency in Mänttä or not. Because anyway I live in Finland and I got used seeing Finnish scenery. I always need some kind of change or stimulation when I make my works in a short time.

But here immediately I felt an irresistible impulse to create works by looking and visiting the museums, especially the manor-house at Gösta. There I found a lot of artworks made by Hannes Autere. The reliefs and sculptures made by him are out- and inside of the museum and have been kept in all kinds of condition. Wood is soaked by raindrops and tanned by the sun. Let's say they are getting damaged time after time, but at the same time, as time goes by, they get their own colors and histories little by little together with the roof and walls of the museum.

I started to fantasize about all these histories of the color changes of the artworks and building. And I also wondered how the artist Hannes would have felt if he would have gotten to know that someday a Japanese artist, who has a Finnish surname, would have visited here and stared his works for a month. This area represents the past, the present and the future of the things existing and having existed around the museums – and also the people around as well the Serlachius family respectively.

To me, at the beginning, this artist-in-residence was about having a break from my other project in Kajaani and concentrating on creating my own Family Tree II – a series of paintings – as well as learning about the system of the museums. But now, I started to consider that working with communities and other artists can be also one of the ways to make my works. People of the museums as well as the local people of Mänttä are very friendly, helpful and hard workers. So the experience of my stay in Mänttä gives me a lot of possibilities to experience things of which I did not really take attention before.

For example, I am now looking forward to create one new work. The idea for that I got when I watched the daily shown documentary about the construction project of the pavilion. It is a nice surprise for me to make a new work in a form I haven't used before. Let´s see what I have to present when we have the exhibition at the end of my stay.

Mayumi Niiranen-Hisatomi